The New Guardians of Privacy: Why the Current Generation is Reluctant to Share Personal Information

In an era marked by technological advancements and unprecedented connectivity, the attitudes of young people aged 18 to 30 towards privacy are shaping how society views personal information.

Jobs in Logistics Are Booming

The number of active job postings in the European logistics sector has increased by 12 percent month-on-month and risen by 21 percent between March and June. What’s more, the top three best paying countries in the sector are all located inside of Europe, indicating the vertiginous growth of the sector. The problem isn’t a lack of jobs, but rather, the overwhelming shortage of workers, since currently, there are imbalances between supply and demand. What are the reasons for this conundrum, and what strategies can companies embrace to attract more recruits?

The Importance of Mental Health Benefits: Enhancing Employee Well-being and Productivity

In recent years, mental health has become a more prominent topic in the workplace, and companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of offering mental health benefits to their employees. This article explores the different types of mental health benefits that companies are offering, the impact these benefits can have on employee well-being and productivity, and the challenges that companies face in implementing these benefits. 


How to create a work-life balance for employees?

With the rise of burnout and stress in the workplace, companies need to find ways to help their employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. What strategies can companies use to support their employees' well-being?