Encouraging Employees To Take On A Management Role

Encouraging Employees To Take On A Management Role

Internally hiring a current employee to become a manager will reduce your hiring costs and shorten the hiring process.

61% of employees already think that they could handle their manager’s daily responsibilities, according to Inc. With these factors in mind, it makes sense to encourage and inspire your existing employees to move into a management role. Here are some effective ways to do this.   Keep employees engaged   Just 14% of European workers say they're engaged at work. Managers play a big role in keeping employees engaged. The work and tasks they give employees will either keep them keen or bore them. Simple things such as daily or weekly goals will keep employees focused and make them want to succeed. Managers should also give employees more responsibility as this will prepare them for a management role and give them a taste of their future job. It’s also a good idea to include staff in team and business decisions. Give them the chance to voice their opinions as this will show they’re respected and will help them get a feel for the type of decisions managers have to make.   Motivate workers to be the best they can be   Team Stage reports that 10% of European workers are motivated at work. Motivated employees are the ones most likely to succeed in a management position. But you need to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep them. Giving recognition for a job well done is a must. This will improve workers’ self-belief and encourage them to apply for a management role when it comes up. Motivation can also come in the form of motivational quotes and books. A daily email containing a motivational quote will give workers a self-confidence boost. Managers could even reward hard-working employees with books written by motivational writers like Jim Rohn. These books promote setting yourself up to achieve. They also advise on how to keep your ambition and live an inspired life. Aspiring managers will appreciate the positivity in these books. This will then push them to be the best worker possible so that they’re recognized and considered for senior roles that come up in the company.  

Prioritize training

Two-thirds of employees across the world want more on-the-job training that will enable them to progress in their careers, according to Boston Consulting Group. A current employee can only become a successful manager in your business if they have the right skills and knowledge. Training a prospective new manager should be a continuous thing. When it’s noted that there’s a gap in their knowledge, training should be given. It’s also important to provide training in things they’ll need as a manager, such as first aid training, organization training, and soft skills development.   So many employees want to progress with their current employer and become a manager. Others may not know that this is an option. It’s your job to encourage and inspire these workers to become managers so that your business flourishes with the right members of staff.

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